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Nosco: Mastering the Art of Packaging

Craig Curran, President, NoscoCraig Curran, President Printed packaging can make or break a brand. That is why Nosco, a full-service printed packaging provider with over 110 years of experience, works to understand the nuances of its 400+ customers in the healthcare space. The Chicagoland-based company prides itself on its ability to consistently provide industry-leading packaging solutions to a diverse range of customers. Through a four-pronged suite of secondary packaging offerings, including printed inserts, cartons, labels and flexible packaging, the company offers brands everything needed for a successful packaging project. Additionally, Nosco offers individual solutions that range from brand protection and one-to-one support to graphic enhancements like embossing, hot stamping and unique multiple varnish patterns that focus on creating a stand-out look and feel on the shelf. “Our mission has always been to empower brands with complete custom packaging and individual solutions,” notes Craig Curran, Nosco President.

Looking into the company itself, Nosco has a Brand Enhancement Team made up of 100 percent of employee owners. Together these team members work to help customers with everything from graphic services and product functionality to packaging line efficiencies and specialty structures. “Our teams are equipped with expert knowledge, and offer support throughout the entire product launch for a customer,” says Curran.

A Dedicated Team of Packaging Engineers

In addition, Nosco’s team of packaging engineers is dedicated to producing custom-engineered solutions across all four core product lines.

Our mission has always been to empower brands with complete custom packaging and individual solutions

Additionally, the team spends time evaluating customer packaging lines to scope out why certain issues occur, and offer solutions that best fit their needs.

Curran recalls an instance in which the Nosco team helped a pharmaceutical company conquer counterfeiting, a major concern in the marketplace. The client was facing a brand protection issue regarding one of their prevalent products. As it was a high-value product, Nosco deduced that the client would need to implement three different brand protection features into their packaging design, and provided them with a solution that incorporated overt, covert and serialization features in one.

The Move to Digital Print

One of Nosco’s largest impacts on the pharmaceutical market began when the company partnered with HP Indigo and delved into digital printing fifteen years ago. Making an immediate difference on how business was being done, the move to digital print allowed Nosco to provide its customers with short to medium runs, which are not only more cost-effective, but also help customers get to market faster. Additionally, Nosco customers gained access to a host of digital security and brand protection features, as well as color management solutions that help products stand out on the shelf.
The Future of Nosco

To support the goal of further enhancing their overall product offering, the big focus for Nosco in recent months has been implementing flexible packaging into the product mix. To get started, the company introduced flexible packaging production and digital label capabilities at its Carrollton, Texas facility. This was achieved through several new pieces of state-of-the-art equipment. Nosco also recently completed an asset acquisition that will work toward increasing carton and insert capacity across the U.S., as well as adding pharmaceutical marketing and sales collateral capabilities to their portfolio. Through these additions, the company will help its customers produce eye-catching sales and marketing materials for the launch/relaunch of healthcare-related products into the market.

With a heightened focus on innovation, the next step for Nosco is to look at new proprietary solutions for child-resistant carton and flexible pouch offerings, as per the requirements of several of their customers. All in all, the company plans to provide a total of four distinct offerings— with child-resistant cartons in multiple sizes, and various styles of child-resistant closures incorporated into their flexible packaging bags and pouches.

Equipped with a dedicated, multi-disciplined team that constantly delivers new product innovations, Nosco is positioned to effectively fill any existing gaps in the printed packaging space moving forward.
- Aaron Pierce
    April 02, 2020
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Craig Curran, President

Nosco is a full-service packaging services provider that offers complete individual packaging solutions to customers in the regulated industry, namely in the pharma, natural health, and personal categories. Nosco offers everything that brands look for in packaging, whether it is brand protection, consumer-friendly support, or graphic enhancements like embossing, hot stamping, or various different varnishes for customers that focus on the look and feel on the shelf. Nosco’s four-pronged secondary packaging offering includes full packaging inserts, cartons, labels, and flexible packaging. The company has internally built teams of Nosco employee-owners that assist with all market needs of customers, including brand enhancement, functionality, and line efficiencies.